About Us

We use the most powerful and efficient steam cleaner on the market.

Fortador Steamer Powered by Lamborghini

The heart of our system is Lamborghini powered Fortador Steam & Vacuum Cleaner. The most powerful and ECO friendly mobile steamer.

• Operating pressure: 16 bar
• Operating Temperature: 275F
• Industrial Steam Vacuum power: 1150W
• Water consumption: As little as 0.5 Gallon/car
• Chemical partner: 3D High Definition Car Care, Optimum Polymer Technologies

Better for you, better for your vehicle, better for the environment

The Fortador Pro Plus Steamer uses as little as 0.5 gallons of water to wash your car. Traditional washing uses many times this and often uses non-earth friendly detergents and cleaners as well.

Your vehicle’s finish will look amazing AND it will be protected. Dry steam vapor combined with the industry’s leading polymer technology will give your finish an amazing appearance.

Traditional interior detailing requires the use of hot water extractors, heavy use of detergents and chemicals, and can leave your interior carpets damp which can lead to potential mold issues. We use steam extraction which not only sanitizes better than other methods, but uses a fraction of the water traditionally used to clean carpets and upholstery. We also use only eco-friendly detergents when needed to get your interior looking amazing! The power of the Fortador steamer with 235 psi dry vapor steam is the best on the market. There are no comprises when it comes to getting your vehicle steam washed. It will look amazing inside and out!

Fully Mobile

Fully equipped for mobile operation, we operate without need of external power or water sources.

No toxic residues left on surfaces

We use eco-friendly products when it comes to cleaning the interior. Dry vapor steam is used to extract soiling that is on any of the vehicle’s surfaces, and then it is removed by microfiber cloth or steam vacuum extraction.

The Best Hand-Wash for your car!

Steam car washing provides the highest level of hand-washing results, including wheels and hard-to-reach areas. The water used is also treated with industry-leading polymer technology that leaves a brilliant shine and UV protection.

Sanitizes & Deodorizes

Using our Eco-Friendly products removes germs, dust, debris – basically all the gross things that shouldn’t be there. At the same time steam cleaning removes odors to give you a fresh & clean smell.